Blog & Toast Moments™!



(if you’ve ever heard my story Finn and the Toaster, you know what I’m talking about)

Toast moments are tiny moments of joy that make our work worth it. Sometimes small…sometimes really big…we all have Toast Moments™. The question is…are we paying attention?

For me, in my work, Toast Moments™ happen often (consider it a perk of the trade).  My hope is 2 fold…

  • It fills your heart with joy and energy (as with anything we share)
  • It encourages you to share Toast Moments™ with your team, your students, your kids, your spouses, and your friends, and even your enemies.

Toast Moment #2: Love Sticks!

I spoke last week in Tripoli, IA to every elementary, middle, and high school kiddo in the district. The following day, I received a message from a teacher to inform me that a handful of young woman (The Wonder Girls!) took it upon themselves to write kind messages on...

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Toast Moment #1

This week's Toast Moment is a note I received from a student. It's a reminder to me that the work I do matters...(just like yours!) Toast Moments are contagious...let's make it a habit to share them! Face love! Joe Toast Moments are contagious...let's make it a habit...

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Dance Like No One is Watching

Dear Lovers of Positivity, Here’s a quick shot of goodness for your souls! 100% guaranteed this guy will make you smile. Smiling is good. Smiling is fun. Smiling is contagious. Spread joy! Joe

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Drunk Babies

They say we can learn a lot from children. But how about babies? Can they teach us anything? In a study done by both Norwegian and American researchers on babies, they determined the single greatest factor when it comes to mastering the art of...

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Happiness is Growth

My favorite coffee shop by where I live is a Dunn Bros. It sits in an old building right in the heart of downtown with the vintage exposed brick, small town charm that a good coffee shop should have. On the wall is the picture that you see above. I loved it so much...

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This One Made Me Cry…

A LITTLE!...made me cry a little… But seriously people! This is what happens when one dedicates their lives to use their gifts, and passions to serve others. Question #1... Who is your Ms. Swanson? Question #2...Who can you be a Ms....

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Got Grit?

*Note: This piece was written in the spring of 2016 As I type this, I’m 30K feet in the air! About 45 min’s in, to what will be a 27 hour flight (for real’s!)... Preparing to speak at my first International Youth Conference in… (wait for it)… Malaysia…. (for real’s...

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