My favorite coffee shop by where I live is a Dunn Bros. It sits in an old building right in the heart of downtown with the vintage exposed brick, small town charm that a good coffee shop should have.

On the wall is the picture that you see above.

I loved it so much that I took a picture of it and put it on my Vision Board.  I want to be everything that this sign says. I’m guessing you do to.

However, the question is and always will remain…


The answer… in a nutshell is…progress.

If we want to be happy…truly happy…not just happy when something goes our way, or when our favorite sports team wins, or when our kids follow our directions for once without complaining (yeah right…) we need to consistently be progressing; moving forward; improving; shifting; going up.

Whether that’s in our physical body, our relationship with our families/friends, our knowledge, our spirituality, or our contributions toward others.

If we want to be the person whose happiness radiates out, whose positivity is infectious, then the only way to do it, and sustain it is to commit to progress.

I raise my coffee mug to that!

You rule!