They say we can learn a lot from children.

But how about babies?

Can they teach us anything?

In a study done by both Norwegian and American researchers on babies, they
determined the single greatest factor when it comes to mastering the art of walking.

Now before I share the answer, I want to see if you can guess it yourself.

Do you think it is…

  1. Height/weight
  2. Birth order
  3. Race
  4. Gender
  5. Age

My gut told me it was #2. What does yours say?

Joe and Baby

The answer is 6…none of the above. Don’t you hate trick questions like this?

So if it’s not height, or gender, or age…what is the greatest determining factor?

In a word…practice.

The longer that babies allowed themselves to be in the state of awkwardness and discomfort, the more times they allowed themselves to fail, and the more skill they learned.

It’s in this state, what I call “the drunk baby state,” where we:

  • push ourselves to our edges
  • stumble around
  • and fail over and over and over again

It’s in the failing that we get better.

As Daniel Coyle says in his book, The Talent Code, “Baby steps are the royal road to skill.”

Push yourself to your edge. Stagger…lean…falter…fall! But most importantly don’t quit..and get back up!

You’ll be better for it!

You rule!