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Tesha Ruley

Director of Educational Services,
Keystone Area Education Agency
Conference Keynotes
Just Look Up

Topics: Connection; Empathy, Legacy, Influence
Ideal Audience: Educators, Administrators
Description: Human Connection MATTERS!

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Yet everyday it’s slipping through our hands. Be prepared to LEARN, LAUGH, and be reignited with LOVE as Joe shares 3 Big strategies on how to reclaim connection in your classroom.
The Map
Topics: Self-Worth, Grit, Mindset, Ripple effect
Ideal Audience: High School; Middle School; Leadership groups
Description: On our leadership journey it’s easy to lose our way.
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This dynamic and engaging keynote provides audience members with a map and a clear path on how they can have the biggest influence and impact.
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In-School Programs
(Note: both of the Conference Keynotes can be done In-School as well)
Happy Caveman
Energy, Positivity and Happiness (oh my!)
Topics: Happiness, Gratitude, Choices, Self-Care
Ideal Audience: Educators, Support Staff, Parents, Administrators
Description: Positivity isn’t a something that’s magically bestowed on the chosen few.
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It’s a practice.
This dynamic and high-energy session equips participants with ideas and tools that will increase their energy, their happiness, and ultimately their impact.
Tribal Stories
Unleash your impact, through the power of storytelling
Topics: Storytelling, Connection, Influence
Ideal Audience: Educators, Support Staff, Parents, Administrators
Description: Nothing engages the heart and mind of a student better than story.
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This interactive and participatory workshop is designed to help educators both find stories from their lives, and share them in a way that has the most impact.
What will your legacy be?
Topics: Empathy, Resilience, Self-worth, Legacy
Ideal Audience: High School
Description: You get one shot at this thing called High School. How will you be remembered?
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Through authentic stories, multimedia, group connection, and “ninja wisdom”, Joe shares 3 key ideas on how students can make the next 4 years the best 4 years.
Finish Line
The last few months…
Topics: Respect, Leadership, Courage
Ideal Audience: Middle / High School (in the spring)
Description: There’s a saying…it’s not how you start; it’s how you finish.
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These are your final months / weeks / days / moments. How can you finish strong and take the momentum into the following year?
Difference Maker
Join the revolution!
Topics: Choices, Responsibility, Respect, Belonging
Ideal Audience: Middle School
Description: “It’s not about changing the world, it’s about changing 1 person’s day.”
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In this hilarious, story based talk, students are challenged to think about how small actions can lead to incredible impact.
Mindset Matters
You are the Author of Your Story
Topics: Growth Mindset, Bullying, Kindness
Ideal Audience: Elementary School
Description: Who you are now is not who you will always be!
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In this fun, faced paced interactive experience, students learn that success in school, in friendship, and in life, is very much determined by how we think about ourselves.
“Bottom line, if you’re looking for a speaker to engage, motivate, and genuinely connect with your crowd, Joe’s your guy. This is the highest recommendation I can give.”

Dr. Jennifer Tiller

Chief Academic Officer, Education Plus
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